From the Pastor...Bless You...

From the Pastor...Bless You... 

Hello from the upper room...not that upper room, the upper room in the Parish House!!!

It is hard for me to write a Scroll article each month.  I write a sermon four times a month and it seems that I run out of words to say or, perhaps, the subject matter for the Scroll article seems so far out of reach.  Plus, I sometimes think that I am supposed to come up with pithy comments about life and faith and God.

I joined a gym this month to face up to the fact that I needed to exercise more.  So, I will write how that gym experience is like our Christian liturgical year.

You know, one liturgical year follows another liturgical year and they all meld together -Thanksgiving, followed by Advent, by Christmas, by Lent, by Easter and by Pentecost and the beat goes on.  And maybe we lose sight of what they are supposed to mean individually.

At the gym, I paid for a trainer to bring me through those different exercise for different parts of the body – arms, back, legs, cardio, shoulders.  The trainer spoke of muscles of which I never heard of and how they are affected by exercise.

But you know something, you don’t do ALL the exercises at one time.  You do you shoulder exercises and then let them rest a few days to recover. In the meantime, you do some exercise for your legs, rest, etc., etc. – you get the drift. You pay attention to one part during one exercise time.

Same for the liturgical year…we take time to be in Advent in expectation and wonder at what the birth of Jesus will bring us.  We rest in this time and we look at ourselves and find what is good and what needs changing because the birth of Jesus brings change.

And Christmas…go to church and be part of the recognition of the birth and what it means for each of us.  At the Christmas Eve service (8:00PM on December 24th), when we form a circle, light candles and sing “Silent Night”, it is all about our community (not only the church, but the Proctor community) and what Jesus means to us and what we mean to each other.

Expectation (Advent), followed by Christmas (celebration of Jesus’ birth and our birth into a new year) …exercise one part at a time, rest, exercise again.

Happy Advent  &  Merry Christmas to you all!

Peace be with you on your journey.

Rev John Sanborn