From the Pastor...Bless You...

From the Pastor...Bless You... 

Two people in white robes stood by them.
         and said, “People of Galilee,
         why do you stand looking up toward heaven? "
—Acts 1.10-11

There are those times
when you have lost what you loved,
when you gaze up into the empty box of the sky
and the emptiness comes down around you
like a blanket, a bell,
and your gaze can't pierce
the thick silence inside the bell.

Even the deepest faith doesn't round off
this world's sharp edges, its losses and traumas.
Holiness often lives in the blank of sorrow,
the empty chair.
It's all right to stand there and gaze.

Before the wind begins to shift,
before the bright strangers speak.
they know. They hand us a tissue.
Steve Garnaas-Holmes
These are certainly trying times. The longer we sit in isolation, our memories of what life was like before Covid – 19 seem to fade a bit. We might feel we have lost our sense of life as we knew it. And we are unsure of what we are moving into, even as this virus still moves around the world.
But I think there is something that will help us look into the future. Things are changing and they might actually not come back to what we knew. We might be moving toward a “new normal”.  But while we sit and ponder what the new world will look like, I hope we understand that God is on our side. That through all of this nastiness that is around us, both verbally and spiritually and physically, that the one constant we can depend upon is the mercy of God, the grace of God, and that, through the life of Jesus Christ, we will be given the strength and the courage to move on.

But we have to ask for it. And when we ask for it, we have to take the time to recognize it as it comes into our lives. We can have some preconceived notion as to what this courage and strength will look like, but we just have to pray that we can understand it and tap into it.

So that’s what we have to do – pray, unceasingly. For each other, for ourselves, and for the world – because sometimes when we pray for each other and for ourselves, we have a sense of a very limited scope of people in distance.

The world needs our prayers. The nation and our leaders need our prayers. Despite what you may think you have the capability of doing to help the world out, the one thing you can do is to pray – each day, each hour and let those prayers be your roadmap into the future.
Rev John Sanborn