The Union Church of Proctor is an inter-denominational Protestant church that is organized on congregational principles. That is to say, it is self-governing and broadly democratic.  As an interdenominational church, it is not formally affiliated with a particular Protestant denomination but welcomes Christians of all denominations - hence the word "Union" in our name. Past pastors have come from a variety of denominations including Congregationalist, Methodist, Reformed, Episcopal and Presbyterian, to name a few. Each year the congregation elects members of the church to a variety of committees who, in turn, send a person up to the Council which oversees the leadership and management of the church.

Pastor - Rev. Jenei Rossigg
Chair - Barbara Lacy
Vice Chair - Paul Sutherland
Clerk - Kay Bergquist
Treasurer - Jeff Bergquist
Auditor - Allan St. Peter
Members-at-Large -  Kim Baccei
                                  Jeannie Cushman
                                  Meryl Lisananti
Buildings & Grounds - Bruce Baccei
Diaconate - Jean Noren
Music - Ellen Sutherland
Nominating - Meryl Lisananti, Karen Webster, Nancy Young
Outreach - Janet Yager
Social - Kathy Connors

Other (non-voting) Invited Attendees
Proctor Community Concerns Council - Paul Pilcher
The Children's Center Church Rep. - Karen Webster

Archivist(s)-Historian(s) - Karen Webster, Barbara Lacy